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2/3rds of me is from people colonized for 33 years by the other 1/3rd of me, and then another 48 by the US after that, plus I really don't like turkey very much, so other than the time I was cast as a pilgrim in Mrs Nelson's kindergarten class for Saint Peter School's Thanksgiving pageant, I've never really cared much about Thanksgiving. This tweet I saw yesterday captures my sentiment perfectly:

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I can't even begin to tell you how much I love that the Museum of Natural History astrophysicist/everyone's nerd crush Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) has been exchanging tweets with the NASA's Curiosity rover (@MarsCuriosity) on the eve of its historical touchdown on Mars. Seriously, you guys, this thing makes it clear that English just doesn't have enough synonyms for delight.

More on Curiosity from CNET: Curiosity closes in on Mars for high-stakes descent.

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From Lunch Poems, by Frank O'Hara:

Song (Is it dirty)

Is it dirty
does it look dirty
that’s what you think of in the city

does it just seem dirty
that’s what you think of in the city
you don’t refuse to breathe do you

someone comes along with a very bad character
he seems attractive. is he really. yes very
he’s attractive as his character is bad. is it. yes

that’s what you think of in the city
run your finger along your no-moss mind
that’s not a thought that’s soot

and you take a lot of dirt off someone
is the character less bad. no. it improves constantly
you don’t refuse to breathe do you

Going to read this poem to myself every day for the next week or so as a meditation.

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Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbø, on striking while the iron is hot:

When you write, it’s important to do it while you have the enthusiasm for the idea. Maybe the most important period of your writing is when you are convinced that your idea is the best idea any writer ever has had. So you have to use that energy, because the time will come when you wake up in the morning and you will doubt your idea. And then it’s good that you have already more than half–

I write better long form pieces if I've sat on them for a while to think the core ideas through, but for other projects this is completely spot on to me—I need to get better at making time to sit down and execute those kinds of projects (even if it's just in rudimentary ways) instead of just jotting my ideas down and promptly forgetting about them.

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Here's a Twitter discussion from two weeks ago between some of my early adopter nerd friends, prompted by the horrifying news that the incompetents at Yahoo laid off Flickr's entire team of highest level customer support, a truly excellent group of people who have been essential at making Flickr awesome over the years:

Flickr turned eight years old last week. I'm friends with its founders and a lot of people that have worked there over the years, I've been using it since before it was Flickr, I built my grad school thesis on it back in 2005, and I love it just as much today as I did back then—I have two different accounts (lia & liabulaong) and happily pay for them both every year. I really truly hope it survives.

P.S. Thanks to Storify for making it so easy to collect and share tweets like this.

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Seeing this in my Twitter stream just now was a very helpful kick in the butt as I've been avoiding finishing an email for months now to a friend who's asked me what I think about his first novel, for fear of being a dick.

I'm torn between being completely honest, as he's asked me to be—and as friends and employers know to expect whenever they ask for my opinion on something—and knowing there's nothing to be done about the things I disliked even if I convince him of my POV because it's already printed and comes out soon. I loved the book, so why be a dick? His argument is it'll be something to consider for the next novel, but my inner Admiral Ackbar says this is a trap. What to do?

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"Just assume that every time you yell over nothing majorly life-threatening you're actively destroying your relationship. This one always gets me. I don't know how people who yell and fuss constantly can expect anyone to stick around. It's total self-sabotage, and only maladjusted people will tolerate it."

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"I want to belong in this city I didn’t grow up in; I want to call a bodega mine and have the guy behind the counter know what kind I smoke, even if he won’t talk to me. Even better! That’s so New York!"

I enjoyed reading Diane Kale's Dépanneurs vs. Bodegas: What Corner Stores Say About a City, though I disagree with her on the nature of belonging in New York—in many ways, the city belongs to those of us who've made our way here and have chosen to stay more than it does to those who were lucky enough to be born here and've never been anywhere else. In a city that's been built on the backs of immigrants from day one, there will always be a particular beauty to dreaming a dream and then choosing to make it real for yourself.

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"People called her a train wreck, but that’s too simplistic. A train wrecks and is then cleaned up, something Smith rarely was. She wasn’t a train wreck; she was a fireworks display, and it was different every night." Anna Nicole Smith died five years ago today.

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"I upload photos to Flickr almost daily, blethered on Twitter with some regularity and most recently have fallen in love with Path. But the place that used to be my heart and soul online? Nada. It used to be that our home pages were the one place we had to express ourselves. Now, we’re torn hither and yon across the internet." Heather completely nailed why I decided to start blogging again.

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