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Josh Koenigsburg vets potential girlfriends by making them burritos:

"This is not really an elegant dish," he said of his burritos as he added jalapeños, with seeds, to the pan. "Some girls feel weird about getting sauce on their faces; it’s too intense for them. On the first few dates this is the test for me. If they like the dish, I’m smitten. If not, I know it’s not going to work. There’s no girl I could care for who would be immune to it."

Love that last part, it's sweet and probably a fairly accurate test. I like guys who are adventurous eaters with good appetites, but I think my dealbreaker is seeing how they treat my dog; they don't need to pick him up and fuss over him when they meet him, but if they can't at least say hi and pat his little head...

Note: this entry was originally published on my old blog at cheesedip.com (sadly, a domain I no longer own) at some point between 1998 and 2008. Only a handful out of the thousands of posts from that time period are currently on this site, though I hope to publish them here eventually.

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