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I mentioned in my last post that Movable Type doesn't have pagination built in, which is only slightly untrue—someone at Six Apart did actually put together a guide to enabling pagination for version 4.3 onwards, except that a) it's a pain in the ass to get working, and b) what it's actually doing isn't pagination-as-you-expect, but using search scripts to do the job. What? No. And again, it's unacceptable that pagination doesn't just work out of the box, since it's a feature everyone now considers basic.

Anyway, I wanted pagination for my front page here and in my archives (which will be up at some point), so I spent a few minutes yesterday getting Alden Bates' Paged Archives 1.4 plugin working on my 5.1 install. The only thing I really had to do to get it work the way I wanted was have it spit out the page numbers/links within <li>, so I could style them within an unordered list. All I had to do for that was replace lines 230-231 of pagedarchives.pl with:

$pagelist.=$spacer.'<li><a href="'.$filename.'">'.$pagetext.'</a></li>' if($ii != $pagenum);
$pagelist.=$spacer.'<li class="pagination-current">'.$pagetext.'</li>' if($ii == $pagenum);

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