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This tweet made me laugh out loud for real the other day:

  1. Note that there are very few vegan-friendly Filipino dishes—the Philippines is, after all, a country where vegetarians barely exist, and the few that do routinely get asked things like "but you still eat pork, right?", because pork is really fucking delicious and why would you ever stop eating it if you can afford it?
  2. Man, homonyms are the best.
  3. If you want to know more about longganisa, the always amazing Market Manila has you covered: from recipes for longganisa and longganisang hubad a la Market Man, to a post on Vigan longganisa, to the strange beauty of longganisa burps.
  4. If you're in New York and want to get your hands on longganisa: I've seen some for sale at Asia Market and Han May in Manhattan Chinatown, a bunch of the Filipino groceries in Woodside like Phil-Am Foods carry longganisa as well, and apparently (I haven't been yet, but I'm very curious) the new-ish Maharlika in the East Village has it on their menu.

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