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Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbø, on striking while the iron is hot:

When you write, it’s important to do it while you have the enthusiasm for the idea. Maybe the most important period of your writing is when you are convinced that your idea is the best idea any writer ever has had. So you have to use that energy, because the time will come when you wake up in the morning and you will doubt your idea. And then it’s good that you have already more than half–

I write better long form pieces if I've sat on them for a while to think the core ideas through, but for other projects this is completely spot on to me—I need to get better at making time to sit down and execute those kinds of projects (even if it's just in rudimentary ways) instead of just jotting my ideas down and promptly forgetting about them.

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The advice given & your response make a lot of sense - there is an energy to writing.

The idea that's been most successful with me is to make notes, short pieces, then long pieces. My latest blog post on Xenophon is from notes made in dissertation research. The blog post in modified form will become part of the dissertation itself.

And I read my notebooks constantly. It's really important to see what I was thinking and why.

August 21, 2012 4:19 PM

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