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Most things online about the late 2'9" Filipino action star Weng Weng creep me out because they tend to smack just ever so faintly of racist exoticizing, but I have to admit I do really like this Weng Weng rap, by The CHUDs:

The lyrics are on their site if you'd like to sing along plus you can buy Weng Weng shirts—and if you still haven't had enough Weng Weng, the Australian guerilla filmmaker Andrew Leavold's currently working on a documentary called The Search For Weng Weng, billed as the "ultimate history of Filipino B-films, and chronicles Leavold's obsessive quest to find the truth behind the midget James Bond of the Philippines."

I know the New York Asian Film Festival doesn't screen documentaries but I'm hoping they make an exception for this one, I'd really love to see it!

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Selections From H.P. Lovecraft's Brief Tenure as a Whitman's Sampler Copywriter, by Luke Burns: "Toffee Nugget: Few men dare ask the question "What is toffee, exactly?" All those who have investigated this substance are now either dead or insane." [ via onfocus ]

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How much would you expect surcharges would be a for $23 concert ticket? $3? $5? Ticketmaster would like it very much if you'd bend over and take $17.05 worth of fees in the ass, making the real cost to you of one ticket come out to $40.05.

(Meanwhile Fandango is basically in the same business but only charges $1.50 or so. WTF! Oh Pearl Jam, why did you betray us way back when...)

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35-year-old yoga teacher/performance artist/blogger spends a year living according to the dictum of Oprah Winfrey: "With some of the things, like the clothes, in the beginning I was like, 'How dare she tell me what to wear! I'm an individual!'" Ms. Okrant said. "But recently, when I went shopping with my mom, I was really excited to fulfill some of the rules. I felt kind of proud of myself. It takes a huge amount of pressure off to be handed a spiritual path."

And yes, you guys, this is somehow from the New York Times and not The Onion.

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I love it when people mash two of my favorite things together to come up with something awesome, and then actually manage to get it into production. Say, for example, Donkey Kong Jenga, now available for preorder for $24.99—a new instant must-have for nerds who like to have friends over. [ via Topless Robot ]

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Archinect has the scoop on Architecture School, a six-part tv series premiering tonight on the Sundance Channel, that "follows twelve students enrolled in the Design/Build Program at Tulane University's School of Architecture as they build a sustainable, design-forward home for a family returning to New Orleans."

Show co-creators Michael Selditch and Stan Bertheaud are both architects as well as filmmakers; the story arc tracks the process of the design-build studio led by Bryon Mouton over the course of two semesters, from pin-up critiques to the actual building of the site, featuring student stories, studio politics, the individuals living in the neighborhood and the issues of the post-Katrina city. Set your TiVo or download the first episode free from iTunes!

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Alex Balk's definitive answer to the age-old conundrum: "The number of sexual partners that makes you officially promiscuous is always one more than the current number of sexual partners you've had. Unless you're a woman, in which case any number greater than one means you are a total slut."

It's pretty amazing/appalling—but not surprising—that there are still guys so insecure that they only want to date virgins or women who've had three or less partners total. Me, I'd rather be with someone more experienced because, well, unless you're incredibly lucky and strike gold the first time around with someone compatible with you physically, kinks and skills-wise, how are you going to know what really works for you or for any potential partner, other than through actual trial and error?

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Diesel Sweeties: "America invented Coca-Cola, yet it's the only place where Coke tastes like boiled ass." Okay, so it's total hyperbole—even made with corn syrup, a cold Coke over ice cubes on a hot day is one of the most satisfying things humanity's ever produced—but cane sugar is just so much better. Damn corn subsidies!

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Dockdrop makes uploading photos to Flickr or files to a server through FTP, WebDAV or SCP as simple as, well, dropping files onto its dock icon. I love it when a product's screencast demo proves it's as easy to use as it says it is.

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